Stop Dabbling. Start Dominating.

We all have some Dabbler in us.  The Dabbler sounds like this:

  • “Just wait until tomorrow. I’ve done enough today.”
  • “I’ll try a ton of different strategies and see what works.”
  • “I can’t sell out to just one thing, because if it fails, I’m screwed.”
  • “I can stay an extra hour at the office–she will understand.”
  • “I work out enough. I don’t need to be so hard on myself about my health. Life is about living!”
  • “It will get better at some point.”
  • “It’s okay to check my phone impulsively. My kids aren’t old enough to notice yet.”
  • “I will start that business one day. I promise.”
  • “They’ll get over it. Sure, I did some things wrong, but they should say they’re sorry, too.”

You didn’t wake up this morning knowing you had a Dabbler inside of you, but you do. We all do.

The Dabbler is a promoter of the mediocre life.  He promises things will get better, but they never do.  The Dabbler is our best friend.  He tells us what we want to hear.  The Dabbler helps us justify our current state of affairs.  He has conversations with us all day long & is ever-present.  The Dabbler is so good, because he has been with us so long, we don’t even know it anymore.

So … what should we do?

Kill him. Kill the Dabbler. Right now.

That would be ideal, right? Only, you can’t kill the Dabbler in all areas of your life at once. Because the Dabbler is persistent. He has 9 lives & comes back stronger every time you try to eliminate him.

So what can we do today?

Stop Dabbling & Start Dominating one area of your life immediately. (Immediately means immediately. Not an hour from now. It means right now.)

On April 8th, 2013, I woke up with a splitting headache & terrible heartburn.  This was not uncommon for me, nor was it surprising.  I had spent a few years eating poorly & neglecting regular exercise. I was the king of  reminding myself that I was the guy who had ran three marathons … But in reality, I hadn’t exercised consistently in years, was barely 32 years old, and felt worse than ever.

I was just about to pop my usual handful of Advil & Tums.  The Dabbler told me that heartburn ran in my family, & that I was just an unlucky person struck with headaches.  For years I believed him, and I would take the pills and hope it improved.

But something changed that day.

The acute pain I experienced in that moment awakened me to the lies of the Dabbler.  I was not in shape. I was not healthy. And nothing was going to change unless I took drastic measures.

So I told the Dabbler, “It’s over.  You are dead to me.  I will be in better shape in my thirties than I was when I played college baseball.”

I immediately went to the gym & hired the fittest trainer I could find.  That’s what Domination does–Domination takes massive action now.  My trainer’s name was Bobby.  Bobby made me work out harder than I ever have in my life, & that was 18 months ago.  I attend Bobby’s classes every day at noon, & even sometimes on Saturday.

Today, I am in better shape than I was in college.  Why?  I killed the health and fitness Dabbler.

Now, I have many more areas of my life where the Dabbler is winning–but I’m on a mission to eliminate him completely.

What area of your life do you want to take back from the Dabbler right now?  If you wait or hesitate, it will never happen.  All the excuses coming to your mind right now are lies.

It’s time to kill the Dabbler.

In the comments area, list the one area of your life that you commit to Dominating today.



3 Beliefs That Stunt Organizational Growth

I’ve noticed something interesting in my work with business owners & church leaders …

An organization is a tangible translation of how its leader thinks. 

Thinking is one of the most powerful tools a leader wields.  How you think about the past, present, & future is visibly evident in your organization.  Your organization is a picture of how you think.

So many leaders come to me feeling stuck.  They usually want to talk about tactics or strategies to grow their organization–but I refuse to start there.  Tactics and strategies are good, but mindset changes are better.

I would like to dissect the brain of a stuck-leader with you & expose the 3 Limiting Beliefs that are keeping them there:

1. “My staff isn’t good enough to get to the next level”

This is so common.  Leaders believe there is a fairytale land of staff that are better than the team members they currently have.  They believe that bigger organizations have better staff.

While this can be true, it’s not totally true.  Blaming your lack of organizational growth on your staff is a way to shift blame away from yourself.  You and I are the problem the majority of the time.

We must look at our own leadership 10X more than our teams’.  The leader that starts with a personal exploration of limitations is the leader who is poised to grow to the next level.

2. “Coaches are too expensive”

I can’t begin to tell you how many leaders don’t have a personal leadership coach.  I seriously can’t fathom leading anything without a paid coach helping me along the way.  Professionals have paid coaches, amatuers read free content.

While free content isn’t bad, it will not give you the accountability you need to get to the next level.  You don’t need more information as much as you need more accountability.

If you do not have a leadership coach & you feel like your organization is stuck, I challenge your thinking.  I suggest you think, “It’s too expensive NOT to have a coach.”

Buy books, listen to audios(here’s an example from me and my coach that you can access…click here), hire consultants, & go to events.  When you quit learning, you quit growing.

3. “I’ll just do it” 

I am about to reveal something I wish I would have known six years ago.

Most leaders are good at a handful of things, and those are the activities they hog in the organization.  Doing doesn’t help you grow, thinking does.  So I’m going to go contrary to contemporary advice.  Most people say, “Hire to your weaknesses,” but I think that is only half right.

The one thing I’ve learned that has multiplied my time is to hire to my weaknesses and my strengths. 

I was a decent marketer until about $1.6 million in revenue.  Then my strength became a weakness because I was hogging the marketing duties.  Nobody could do it as well as me… so I thought.

Then I hired Josh.  Josh is an animal & the best internet marketer I personally know.  I have been fired from marketing & sales these days.  I spend all of my extra time thinking & learning.

Hiring to your strengths and weaknesses is the key because “doing” will only get you so far.  At some point, as the leader, your job is about thinking & getting everything “done” through others.

So, which one of these beliefs is holding you back?  Are you doing too much? Do you not have a paid coach? Are you blaming your staff?

If you’re looking for a “mind opening” catalyst, you should grab my $29 resource with my first paid coach, Diane Conklin. There is 100 minutes of audio that you can listen to while you exercise, commute, walk your dog, sit at your desk….

Click here to get it now.





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