Not Wanted: Corporate Lackies Who Love Name-tags, Mid-Level Management & Suspenders

We are looking for the following person.  If you are this person, fantastic.  If you aren’t this person, do you know them?  (If you share this post & we find this person because of you, I will send you $500 in cold hard cash.)

And even if you aren’t this person but find interest in how we roll at The Rocket Company, keep reading…

1. Not: A Know It All 

You are “intellectually” curious.  You read books, blogs, and anything that piques your interest.  You are a curious person that seems to have more questions than answers.  People probably like to be around you because you are a learner.  Your ability to learn new things and then turn them into action is uncanny.

Not only do you read, you watch & listen.  You spend time on youtube finding information and learning how to do stuff.  It could be anything.  Bottom line: you are curious about new information in many forms.

2.  Not: Waiting For Direction 

Yeah, everyone says they are a self-starter but the person we are looking for has a few things happening.  You might have a side business or projects.  You don’t spend your free time watching Jerry Springer. You are constantly activating ideas of new things.  If you don’t have a side business or project you might have you might be active in a non-profit you enjoy working with.

You make your own to-do list and you aren’t looking for a lot of direction.  You crave freedom to do your thing and make decisions.

3. Not: Offended By People Selling Stuff 

Let’s keep this simple: you LOVE the idea of marketing an idea or selling something.  When you get upsold at a restaurant for the double that’s only $1 more, you love it that they are selling you more.

You understand a core law of nature: The world goes round and round because people sell their ideas, products, services and dreams to others daily.

It’s a big bonus if you want to learn how the best of the best do internet marketing.  If you are a corporate marketer & think sponsoring the local golf tournament is a good idea, you might want to pass.  Think savvy marketing that actually works, not big spend advertising that doesn’t measure ROI.

If you are a corporate marketer & think sponsoring the local golf tournament is a good idea, you might want to pass.

4. Not: Always Out Of Storage On Your Phone 

You are savvy with technology.

No, you don’t need to know how to code like that hoodie wearing, black rimmed glass coder at 2AM in Palo Alto.  Tech savvy means, you can post a blog with no problem.  It means you are active on social media.  It means you check your phone 150 times a day and have apps for most of your life.

5. Not: Gonna Work For A Boring Company With No Purpose Behind What They Do

The thought of working in a cubicle makes you sick.  You would rather put a cheese grader to your forehead than have to wear a name badge to work.  You would love mid-day dance parties DJed by the CEO of the company.  You might not dance your face off, but you sure would rather do that than sit around and naval gaze in some boring meeting.  But if you did dance your face off, it would be awesome. Just say’in.

You are looking to actually get paid some real money and have full benefits.  

Let me be super clear.  We are opening up 2 positions for people like this.  We would LOVE someone young, maybe even fresh out of college or in their young 20’s.  It doesn’t have to be that age, but you must not be set in your ways.  We want to offer a position that has unique terms.

You will make good money & you will learn a ton.  The best part, you will have the time of your life.

If we reach our Q2 goals, the entire team is being flown to New York to go dancing with Bayside Tigers. Check’em out here :)

Next Steps:

1. Take this test & send us your scores to

2. When you email us, let us know the real name of Lisa Turtle

3. Don’t send a resume.  Send 5 results you have created in your life.  5 things you made happen that you are proudest of.



From Small Town Alabama To Silicon Valley: The Epic Struggle Of The Clueless CEO

Do you feel completely clueless about how to grow your organization beyond where it is?  Welcome to the club.

A little bit of the back story: I spent 3 years driving around in my 1998 Ford pick-up truck trying to help churches.  I was so “successful” that we went $80,000 in debt and almost out of business.

Then we got lucky & changed our model to something that was very needed in 2011.

This year we will serve around 7,000 churches with helpful online coaching & products.  There was obviously a need for this type of help in our space because the growth of our company has landed us back-to-back trips to the Inc. 5000 list (the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the USA).

As I sit in my office, I stare at a big Alabama football sign in my office & think, “I still feel just as clueless as I did when we started.”

I have more questions than answers.  I wake up & feel uncertain some days.  I wrestle with fear.  My fear has changed from, “Will I get a paycheck?” to “How do we preserve our core, but expand our offerings to customers?”

I get asked a lot, “What’s next?”  Well, after a terribly pain 2014, we birthed a clear vision & direction for the next 4 years.  Here is the simple version of our next mission:

To Create 10,000 Financial Breakthroughs 

Welcome back the clueless CEO – me.  I don’t know HOW we will accomplish this mission, but I know we will.  I am totally clueless on HOW, but we aren’t clueless on WHY.

Ever since my granddad shot himself when I was 13 years old, I have had a heart to see people & organizations NOT struggle financially.  That pain marked me deeply & I feel a deep passion to help as many people as possible financially.

To make matters more interesting, we picked at the end of 2014 the route we would take to help organizations breakthrough financially – building our own donation solution & processing company.

We want to not just coach 10,000 organizations to financial breakthrough, we want to provide the software tools to get there.  After we studied what exists in the market, we determined that software is just part of the answer.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but we are a few weeks away from launching our live software in 14 churches.  From Pleasant Grove, Alabama to building software solutions for thousands… I just can’t believe it.  Silicon Valley eat your heart out, here we come :)

I am well aware that this post doesn’t have 5 practical tips and is more about us than you.  So, let me tell you why I wrote it:

  • Even if you feel clueless about HOW to do something, start doing it anyway.
  • Even though you feel scared about losing what you have, take the risk anyway.
  • Even though you don’t have the staff you need, publicly commit yourself to something big.
  • Even though you hear people telling you to stay with what you are good at it, do something new anyway.
  • Even though you have been told “no” over and over, keep asking for the sell anyway.

Something I learned in small town Alabama was this, never quit.  I promise, determination is more important than a doctorate.  You don’t have to be the smartest to make big things happen; you just need to be the last one standing.  If you feel in over your head today, I’m right there with ya.


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Debbie Lovoy

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$7 Audio Coaching Worth $12,000

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Stop Dabbling. Start Dominating.

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