3 Ways To Know If Your Business Is A Home Wrecker

I must first start the post to say that I borrowed this title from my friends of Seniors Ignite photography.  Last week I was asked to be on their Google Plus show to talk about this topic.  All credit for the blog headline goes to them.

We just conducted a survey with over 100 small business owners & asked them some open ended questions about their biggest challenge in business.  About 1/3 of the responses had to do with the issue of balancing business & having enough time to do everything.

I also asked a question to my upper level coaching group of 15 entrepreneurs in our private Facebook group.  I asked them to list the number one thing they are grateful for.  Every single response centered around family, spouses, & children.

And all the while, we see leaders families imploding left & right.  This happens in church, business, & non-profits daily.

We say we value family over everything but is this true? 

I’ve got to admit, I’m writing this post out of weakness more than strength.  I say my family is the most important thing to me but then I do things that doesn’t always communicate that to them.  As a business owner, it’s extremely hard to “turn it off” when we go home.

We feel the pressures of payroll, hiring, firing, vision development, product delivery, customer complaints, and all the other stuff that comes along with owning a business.  I got a call yesterday from a leader that said, “I am spent. I’ve been pushing so hard for years & I feel l like I have nothing left.  I need to fire two people & I don’t know if I can keep doing this.”

So, the question is this.  Is your business a home-wrecker?  Here are three ways to know:

1.  We are physically present but emotionally disconnected 

Do Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, texts, & emails dominate your life?

At times, the answer for me is 100% yes.  There have been seasons where I give more to social media emotionally than my kids.  That’s sad.  However, there are seasons where I’ve unplugged & created some good boundaries.

Here is the absolute truth… Our families are either getting healthier or unhealthier & if we are more connected to our phone than our family, we are on the pathway to our family being wrecked.  Sounds extreme but it’s true.  If we give more to the world than our family, we will gain the world & lose our family.

Now, this doesn’t mean you will get a divorce or your kids will hate you tomorrow.  It simply means we will miss out on creating an awesome family with deep & intimate relationships over the long haul.

Are you physically present but disconnected emotionally?

2.  We make excuses for why we work all the time

Alcoholics create reasons to drink.  Workaholics create reasons to work.

There is ALWAYS an important reason to be working.  There is always a reason we say yes to every meeting & opportunity.  If you find yourself creating reasons for why everything is important and urgent, you are a workaholic.

I’m a recovering workaholic.  I can 100% fall back into my bad patterns at anytime.  I’m not saying it’s bad to work at home or nights sometimes but if you can’t quit, something is wrong.

When we create reasons to work instead of be present with our family, we simply are saying to them, “this project I am working on is more important than you.”

Are you making excuses for why you have to work all the time?
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3. We justify the means for the end

I know there have been times when I say, “I’m working hard so my family can have a great life.  I want them to have great vacations, experiences, & have all their needs met.”

Guess what.  My six year old Darby just wants daddy to be home.  She cares more about a daily present dad than an annual trip to Disney.  

Yesterday, as soon as I got home she said, “Daddy, will you watch me ride my bike.”  She was basically saying, “Daddy, I want you. I want all of you to pay attention to all of me. Put your dang phone down & forget about cash-flow.  Watch me ride daddy!”

So I did & I’m glad.

If we justify over working for a future we want our family to have, we will ultimately have big bank accounts & empty homes.  Sure, you and I may stay married but it will just be a shell of a relationship.

When we justify workaholism in the present, we jeopardize relationships in the future.

So… Is your business a home-wrecker?  Do you see any of these patterns in your life?  If so, what are you doing about it?

Like I said, I don’t write this from a point of “I know all the answers”, I write this from the point of “let’s work on this together.”

Leave a comment & let me know if you have a struggle with this.  What is your struggle & what are you doing to get better?

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3 Reasons Your Business Is Not Growing…and What You Can Do About It

I personally talk to business owners daily.  I hear the ups & downs that come along with owning a small business.  Here are the top 3 reasons your business is not growing.

1. You Are Doing Too Much Yourself

The immediate argument is, “I don’t have money to hire people.”  Guess what… You will never have the money to hire people.  When I was launching my first business, I lasted 3 weeks without help.  I called my friend Renee & asked her to work 2 hours a day for $10/hour & she said yes.

Revenue grew immediately.  The best investment you can make with your money is into good people. Think about it… If you put $5,000 into the stock market, your return would be around 20%.  If you have a part-time assistant for $5,000, your return can come back at $50,000 because you can sell more.

Also, hiring people is a PRE-TAX investment!  You can hire and fire this investment based on standards and performance.

Go right now & hire someone that can do the stuff you hate to do!

2.  You Aren’t Focused On Getting New Customers Daily

The essence of business is getting customers and keeping them.  So many small business owners wake up everyday and think about everything else besides selling something.  If your business isn’t growing or is stuck, it’s because you aren’t waking up daily with a passion for getting new customers.

At 5pm everyday, I receive a report that answers this question, “How many new customers did we gain today?”  If you are wanting to know how to get unstuck, wake up everyday and don’t do anything except get customers.

Yesterday I was with a restaurant owner that I coached a year ago.  He told me, “Casey, I just had my best month in our history.” I asked, “Why?”  He said, “I’m spending my time marketing the business, not managing it.” 

3. You Don’t Have A Coach

When you pay people at the next level, you go to the next level.  I just dropped $9,500 on a consultant today.  He will come in for one day to coach our team and board.  I am HAPPY to invest that for his day of coaching.  Why?  Because I’ve paid the same person over $25,000 in the last two years to coach me. He has helped me create more than $200,000 in sales in the last 9 months.

My first paid coach was Diane Conklin & I paid her $12,000 to teach me how to create membership sites.  Within 90 days, we created $100,000 in annual income. 

Here is what is so cool: We recorded 100 minutes of audio with Diane and I talking about how we did it.

It’s completely unscripted. It’s practical coaching for anyone looking to grow their business through online marketing & sales.

What I paid $12,000 for, you can grab today for $29.  It’s usually $99.

That isn’t a typo.  100 minutes of business coaching from Diane and myself for $29.

Lack of clarity is the greatest villain of an entrepreneur/business owner.  I promise this 100 minutes of audio is A.) worth your time B.) will help you fight ambiguity in your business.

This training will help you breakthrough in your business if:

  • You want to get paid for what you know
  • You want to create predictable income from a membership site
  • You desire freedom from being a slave to your business
  • You want inside information on how to gather your tribe for a huge launch
  • You want to know how to get people to buy from you online without being a slime bag

Listen, it’s $29.  If you aren’t willing to invest $29 bucks into your future, you might stay stuck for a long time.  Plus, I’ll even guarantee it.  If you don’t get $29 in value, I’ll send you all your money back!


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